Staggering Inequality

According to a new report released by Arjun Sengupta, Chairman of the Center for Development and Human Rights based in New Delhi, 836 million people in India live on a daily wage of Rupees 20, which is equal to 48 cents (US-India) current exchange rate.  That is, 15 dollars a month or 180 dollars a year.  The same report points out that the size of Indian middle class has increased from 162 to 253 million.  Nevertheless, more than two-thirds or about 85% of the Indian population functions with less than 20% of the average Indian per capita income, which is about 900 dollars.  Forget the methodology behind the calculation of these figures.  Simply imagine the day-to-day socioeconomic impact of such existence.  What can you buy with 50 cents these days-maybe, one first-class mail stamp or half-hour parking in a big city in the Northern Hemisphere.  You can’t even get a can of soda for 50 cents.  Despite, all the hype surrounding high-rise buildings, late-night call centers, software development, medical outsourcing, construction of new malls, discos, and multiplex movie halls, more than two-thirds earn less than 50 cents a day.  This staggering inequality is hard to fathom.


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