Security Council Reform

The notion of UN Security Council (UNSC) reforms has been bandied about for many years. The objective really is to make the Security Council truly representative of the current global power configurations and incorporate newly emerging powers into the UNSC such as, (1) Brazil and Argentina from South America; (2) Germany and even possibly Italy from Europe; (3) Japan and India from Asia, and (3) South Africa from the African Subcontinent and maybe even a Middle East country. Naturally, these suggestions are rife with controversy and mutual suspicion and competition among states, and they have NOT produced any results.  It is my humble view that nothing much is likely to happen in this regard within the next five years or so. Because as I have said many times, it would require enormous adjustment on the part of the P5 to let new states in, especially with veto power. Off course, given the structural configurations of global power arrangements, expansion by itself is unlikely to produce any meaningful outcomes.

Here are the various suggestions from the Global Policy Forum and the December 2004, the Secretary General’s High Level Panel on Threats, Challenges and Change report and the March 2005 Secretary General’s report titled “Enlarging Freedom.”


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