24iraq_600.jpg As with everyone else on this message board, I am absolutely stunned by the sheer depravity and incompetence of this administration. This is a fascist propaganda regime in power and they are making the old Soviets look good. I teach International Relations and Foreign Policy and every day in my class, it takes me enormous effort to focus on the course materials and not talk about Iraq and US foreign policy all time. I am on the radio or the Internet pretty much all the time reading and blogging on Iraq. On Wednesday, I organized a forum in our campus to discuss the Iraq conflict and Middle East Policy and three panelists really really struggled to say something meaningful and positive about this administration. I don’t think there is any redeeming value left in this administration and it is entirely unclear as to how we are going get through another 16 months of spinning, stage-managing, mixing metaphors and historical analogies, and the in-your-face mendacity taken to an art form by Karl Rove and the Republicans.

The Iraq invasion is such monumental boondoggle of colossal proportions that it would take 15 to 20 years before the U.S. can meaningfully extricate from this full-blown civil war that is raging in Mess-o-potamia. Every day the drip-drip of violence is simply stunning, revolting and disgusting, little babies being torn to bits, mothers berating their chests and wailing for their husbands, brothers, and fathers, and young men and women coming home every day in body bags, limbs blown, and bodies disfigured. This is bad, very bad for the collective humanity, it destroys everything positive that the United States has achieved in different areas of humanitarian assistance over many decades. I am actually surprised that 26% of the American People actually support this President or is it just a statistical anomaly.


2 Responses to “Iraq-Ohhhh-Eraq”

  1. steven brouillard Says:

    Most Americans continue to be disheartened by “progress” in Iraq. However, Republicans continue to block legislation that will help in ending the war. For instance, they blocked Jim Webb’s proposal that troops must spend more time (than currently allowed) at home. This fell short only by 4 bloody votes. They blocked the Carl Levin’s proposal to send most US troops home from Iraq in 9 months. And both parties failed at cutting funding for the war. I think that Republicans would be smart to distance themselves from the president seeing that he does not have a popular following in the country…this means that they should compromise with the dems and chart a new course in Iraq. Or, is that republicans are just playing dirty politics with the democrats? Republicans are trying to send the signal to Americans that the mandate the people have given to the Democrats in the 2006 elections to end the war is bogus. Thus republicans can use this against the democrats in the next election by saying “you elected this dem to end the war, and look what happened, nothing changed”.

  2. srinisitaraman Says:

    By the same token, democrats can say we tried everything, but nothing worked because the GOP kept blocking every move to end this ugly war quickly. It is somewhat difficult for democrats to do anything meaningful as long as the Repubs keep blocking everything. Our only hope is that people wake up and put dems in control the next election cycle that way we can get some things done. Otherwise the consequences are going to be rather terrible.

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