List of Daunting World Problems

The UN Secretary General has come with up a list of daunting world problems, and I strongly agree with him.  Here is the summary version of the list that he presented at the start of the General Assembly Session at the United Nations today

  • Combating global warming
  • Fighting poverty
  • Ending the conflict in Sudan’s Darfur region
  • An end to violence, an end to occupation, the creation of a Palestinian state at peace with itself and Israel, and a comprehensive regional peace between Israel and the Arab world
  • Fixing Iraq, “the whole world’s problem”
  • Promoting political negotiations and national reconciliation, and dealing with drug trafficking and terrorism in Afghanistan

 Let me add a few more items to the list that Sec-Gen Ban Ki-Moon did not mention: 

  • Dealing with Unstable Iran
  • Dealing with Polluting China
  • Dealing with China’s growing influence in the developing world and its reluctance promote democracy and freedoms in various parts of the world.

 Did I miss anything? Feel free to add to the list of daunting global problems.


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