Human Rights Conference Report

Okay, here is my conference report. It was great to be a part of an intellectually invigorating and thought provoking Human Rights Conference at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI. The weather was beautiful and the campus was neat, big and open, and the university seemed to be resource endowed. But, I spent most of my time in conference rooms slamming cups of coffee. Listed below are the panels that I attended. Would you like to guess what panel I presented in?

  • Human Rights and Restorative Justice
  • Gender and Human Rights
  • Rights of Immigrants
  • Media and Human Rights
  • Health and Human Rights
  • War on Terror and Human Rights
  • Human Rights and Economics
  • What are Human Rights?
  • UN and Human Rights
  • Human Rights and Religion

By the way looking at this list of panels should give you some ideas for paper topics. Anyway, the highlight of the conference, especially in the context of our First Year Seminar, is my brief meeting with Samantha Power, the author of A Problem from Hell: America and the Age of Genocide. We are going to be reading her book in our class in a couple of weeks. Look forward to some good discussions in our class tomorrow.

Also, don’t forget tomorrow evening after our Model UN class at 7:30 pm Anne Fadiman–The author of The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down— is scheduled to give a talk at the Atwood Hall auditorium. Be sure to attend. I am positive this talk will bring perspective to the various discussions we had on Faidiman’s book during the orientation week.


3 Responses to “Human Rights Conference Report”

  1. Kimmy Coulombe Says:

    Were there any human rights organizations sponsoring or in attendance at the conference?

  2. srinisitaraman Says:

    Some catholic religious agencies were in attendance. It was primarily an academic conference. However, there was this person from Minnesota Human Rights Center, which simultaneously functions both as an activist group as well as an academic center. I will write more on this later. But, the Minnesota Center does a lot of work on Restorative Justice.

  3. Katie Higgins-Beer Says:

    This is more of a specific questions and I remember you posting something about Burma but I was wondering if you could clarify for me.

    I just read this article on the BBC website ( which states that “UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said the Burmese authorities’ use of force on peaceful protesters was ‘abhorrent and unacceptable’.”

    I believe this is based on the recent “arbitrary arrests and rights abuses” after protests in Burma. I am not familiar with Burma and only started learning about human rights issues in depth in class, but hasn’t this been going on for a while? And why has it just occurred to the General Ban Ki-moon? What’s the background in Burma regarding the human rights issues?

    You may have posted this before but I can’t remember and as it’s mentioned in class a lot I think I should become more familiar with Burma and the international human rights issues there.

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