Is Europe a Country?

Is Europe a country and what is the difference between Hungry and Hungary?  Watch and learn, my friends.



4 Responses to “Is Europe a Country?”

  1. Margaret Kettles Says:

    This video makes me very happy to be a product of American public schooling.

  2. Ariel Borns Says:

    This video is almost as shocking as the girl representing South Carolina at the Miss Teen USA pageant!

  3. Heather Goodale Says:

    I can’t believe this video, did Kelly Pickler even recieve a fifth grade education? Seriously she didn’t even know France was a country it’s so embarrasing for our nation. On top of it she was playing for a charity!

  4. Mike Pochettino Says:

    I’m sure it’s fake. There is no way that someone could possibly act so clueless. Unless of course she lived under a rock for 18 years.

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