Friedman, Outsourcing, Globalization-My Analysis

Here is my analysis of Tom Friedman’s take on Outsourcing. Mr. Friedman seems to overstate the impact of outsourcing on India and he seems to jin-up the young and upcoming youth in India. Yes, true call-center jobs have indeed opened up new vistas to a lot of Indian youth, but these jobs have high turnover rates and low job satisfaction. Besides, these are not career-paths, the terrible hours, high-pressure environment, bosses obsessed with the bottom line and mean clients produce very minimal attachment to these jobs. These positions are bottom-feeders and they are unlikely to push India up the value chain in the long-run. Now, if you are serious programmer, with good coding skills, and language ability I am sure you will be picked-up by the MNCs and exported abroad.

Towards the end of the video clip, Tom Friedman travels to the slums outside of Bangalore and meets with some NGO activists. The most problematic element of this tour is that despite seeing the devastating poverty around him, he simply ignores them and continues to focus on the Malls, software industry, etc. Mr. Friedman’s selective analysis leaves one with the impression that everything is hunky-dory in India. Few weeks in India, with its terrible infrastructure problems, sky-rocketing food prices, and housing market that has hit the stratosphere will only demonstrate that life in India has become really miserable and the lives of the common-man or the aam adami lies shattered. Bollywood stars, supermodels, and Cricket players rake it in, while the rest transfer their wealth to them so that they can view the shameless and grotesque displays of wealth.


4 Responses to “Friedman, Outsourcing, Globalization-My Analysis”

  1. Kelsey Says:

    I agree. Friedman could stand to spend a little more time with the common man. But still aren’t these jobs a sign of hope that more such jobs will follow? I spent a month in Bangladesh last year and they would be lucky to have some of these “bottom-feeder” positions.

  2. srinisitaraman Says:


    I agree that if you are in Bangladesh and if you get a call center job, it is indeed a step-up from where one is. Yes, it is all relative. However, these service jobs are fickle and they can run away soon and they do not provide ideal working conditions. They do socialize you and prepare for the external world, but from a macro-economic standpoint it is not a sure bet for the Indian economic progress.

  3. Kelsey Says:

    This is the problem with Friedman’s flat world. Often jobs jump from one country to the other without any one country feeling the lasting benefits, whatever those might be.

  4. Software outsourcing Says:

    youngsters in India to join the industry. With good knowledge and sharp minds, they work with a flexibility to serve their clients. really i agree with Friedman ….

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