Vacuity of the American Media

The last five days I have been watching network coverage of the Democratic Primaries. What really stuns me is the completely vacuity, self-congratulatory tone, non-stop coverage of the horse-race between Clinton and Obama. Now, strangely I find this very comforting, I can watch it for hours and not learn a thing. The tipping point is that nearly 50,000, by some accounts and 100,000 (BBC News) might have perished in the cyclone that hit Burma last week. None of the 24-hour networks have said word about it. If you live in the US, it is very easy to forget that other countries exist and things happen there that might be worth knowing and caring about. Did you know that yesterday India test-fired a nuclear capable missile? Did you know that today Vladimir Putin became the Prime Minister of Russia? Oh, he used to be the President of Russia until day before. Did you know that civil war is raging in Lebanon and that people are dying in Iraq? The war on terror is not going well in Afghanistan. Well, you didn’t know that did you? Yes, that is because to our ratings driven corporate media things such as Reverend Wright and the Right-Wing Pastor that McCain is associated with is worth covering ad nauseam.


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