Who Am I

I teach in the Department of Government and International Relations at Clark University, in Worcester, MA.  I did my doctoral work in Political Science at the University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, and my masters and undergraduate work in Economics and International Affairs from various universities in United States and India.  My research interests are in the area of International Security RelationsHuman Rights, International Political Economy, and International Law with a regional focus on India and China; I also have a long-standing interest in Middle East Politics.  Started this blog to save time while sharing ideas instead of emailing links every morning and opinionating about everything from the situation in Sudan to the politics of movie making in Bollywood.  Yeah, everything goes-a Masala Mix-if you will.  Hey, by the way, this is what university professors do–opinionate!  If you are curious, stick around, and leave a comment. 

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