I Got a Bad Grade; My Civil Rights were Violated…ahhhh!

We all complain about grades, but listen to this…

Brian Marquis, a 51-year-old paralegal seeking bachelor’s degrees in legal studies and sociology, filed a 15-count lawsuit in US District Court in Springfield in January after a teaching assistant graded a political philosophy class on a curve and turned Marquis’s A-minus into a C. Marquis contends that the university violated his civil rights and contractual rights and intentionally inflicted “emotional distress.”

But, thankfully, the District Court threw out the case, but Mr. Marquis plans to appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals. He was particularly concerned that a C grade might make it difficult for him to get into law school.

Mr. Marquis apparently totaled up 92.5 points, but on the curve his grade was reduced to 84, which produced a final grade of C. The UMASS grading scale indeed seems to be bit different. 

Well folks, here is the good news Clarkies. I do not grade on a curve! You get to keep what you get. Besides, I don’ tinker with a point here or a point there. My grading philosophy is that each student should be assessed on his or her overall performance throughout the semester.  So, see you all at the mid-terms.