LOST-Battle Over State Sovereignty

Interestingly, the administration of George W. Bush is urging the United States to ratify the Law of the Sea Treaty, popularly referred by the acronym LOST. The objective of this treaty is to provide universal legal standards for shipping, fishing, mining, and managing the environment of the high seas.  In addition, the Law of the Sea Treaty also harmonizes navigation and transit principles in the high seas that are already part of the customary international legal practices among states, and some legal experts argue that it will also enhance United States National Security.  However, significant opposition is growing among conservative organizations and some US Senators have expressed serious reservations against ratification of this treaty because of the fear that it will erode American sovereignty and prevent dominance of the high seas.  This ratification battle underscores the constant struggle between international organizations and states, where each attempt to structure the rules of international games to their advantage.  Interest groups within hegemonic states such as the United States are strongly pushing back as what is termed the growing global legal jurisdiction over sovereign states.


Take a look at this illuminating video primer for starters: