“Pax Iranica” or Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran or Start a New Cold War

Having vanquished Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, and China, the United States foreign policy establishment is looking for the next threat to keep it occupied for the next eight years. Viola, here it is—it is Iran (it is not I-ran, it is pronounced Eerraan). New York Times Columnist, Mr. Tom Friedman, adds fuel to the fire that Iran is the next big threat and that the next Cold War or rather the new Cold War will be should be with Iran. Mr. Friedman writes,

The next American president will inherit many foreign policy challenges, but surely one of the biggest will be the cold war. Yes, the next president is going to be a cold-war president — but this cold war is with Iran.

For now, Team America is losing on just about every front. How come? The short answer is that Iran is smart and ruthless, America is dumb and weak, and the Sunni Arab world is feckless and divided. Any other questions?

Mr. Friedman goes on to quote Aaron David Miller, a noted Middle East Expert, about America’s chances under the next president with Iran,

“We stumbled for eight years under Bill Clinton over how to make peace in the Middle East, and then we stumbled for eight years under George Bush over how to make war there,” said Mr. Miller, and the result is “an America that is trapped in a region which it cannot fix and it cannot abandon.”

Now, I am not in disagreement with Mr. Friedman at all, Iran is indeed an important player in the Middle East politics. Besides, Iran is sitting on vast oil reserves along with the Saudi Arabia and Iraq, which obviously makes Iran a serious contender in Middle East Politics. However, unfortunately, our presidential candidates have not displayed any nuance, sensitivity, diplomacy, or statecraft in addressing the question “how you plan to deal with Iran.” Here watch for yourself the highly, thoughtful, imaginative, and carefully thought out responses made by two of our presidential candidates.