Iraq War–Wag the Dog Syndrome

In 1997 during the peak of the sex scandals in Washington DC, a movie called Wag the Dog starring Dustin Hoffman and Robert De Niro was released about a Washington DC media specialist who is hired to construct an entire made-for-TV fake war in the former Soviet satellite state of Albania to divert popular attention from the sex scandals.

The Bush administration seems to have taken a page from the Wag the Dog Syndrome.According to the Washington Post, the U.S. military has erected an entire fake market in the Dora Market Section of Baghdad for the visiting American dignitaries to be photographed and then the good news spread in the United States made about the progress the “Surge” had made via pliable agents like Fox News, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Times.

The post says that “American generals and politicians visit Combat Outpost Gator, nestled behind a towering blast wall in the Dora market. They arrive in convoys of armored Humvees, sometimes accompanied by helicopter gunships, to see what U.S. commanders display as proof of the effectiveness of a seven-month-long security offensive, fueled by 30,000 U.S. reinforcements.Gen. David H. Petraeus, the top U.S. military leader in Iraq, frequently cites the market as a sign of progress.””The Dora market is a Potemkin village (or rather a fake village) of sorts.

The U.S. military hands out $2,500 grants to shop owners to open or improve their businesses. The military has fixed windows and doors and even helped rebuild shops that had burned down, soldiers and others said. We helped them a lot. We gave them money, security, even the locks on their doors, said a 36-year-old Iraqi interpreter. Everything we gave them. That’s why the violence has stopped. That’s why they cooperate with us. The Americans are giving money, so they’re opening up stores,” said Falah Hassan Fadhil, 27, who sells cosmetics. 1st Lt. Jose Molina, who is in charge of monitoring and disbursing the grant money, said the U.S. military includes barely operating stores in its tally. Although they sell dust, they are open for business,” said Molina, 35, from Dallas. They intend to sell goods or they may just have a handful of goods. But they are still counted.”

Stunning, absolutely stunning, the United States military and this administration has taken-up selling the war, instead they have taken-up selling fake success and fake photo-opportunities. So that the steady stream of Washington Fakers can fake it that they have “visited Iraq” and they have fake determined that the fake surge is working, and so that we should put more money into it, and more lives must be sacrificed. Twisted logic and fakery! Wow, Simply Wow…can we sink any lower!